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Communication between older people in the digital age
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Pensions from March 1, 2020: indexation, amount of payments, calculation rules
The amount of indexation of the social pension from April 1, 2020 has become known. The corresponding resolution on
Will the size of military pensions increase from October 1, 2020?
Will the size of military pensions increase from October 1, 2020?
Who will see pension indexation in October 2020? Pensions in the Russian Federation are indexed in several stages.
From August 1, 2020, working pensioners in Russia have increased their pensions
From August 1, 2020, working pensioners in Russia will have their pensions increased. The increase will be
Payments to pensioners in 2020: will there be a one-time payment of 15,000 rubles, how to receive it
(11 ratings, average: 5.00 out of 5) Will there be a lump sum payment to pensioners in 2020?
NPF Lukoil Garant: profitability rating, employee reviews
Today there are quite a large number of non-state pension funds operating on the territory of the Russian Federation. In accordance with
Review “National Pension Fund Market at the End of 2020: Existential Crisis” Share Facebook Twitter VK
The growth of the Russian economy predicted by leading analysts will inevitably lead to reform of the pension system. Because,
Delay in pension for April 2020: reasons, when will the money be paid?
Since 2020, the indexation of pensions for working pensioners has been suspended in the Russian Federation. This decision
The expert spoke about the dangers of storing pensions on bank cards
Many people, having barely reached fifty years of age, dream of taking a well-deserved retirement in old age, but
More than 40% of Russian men called it discrimination to retire later than women
Who can apply for an old-age pension in 2020 Old-age pension -
Following the results of nine months, VEB lost to private managers
Activities of Vnesheconombank For 16 years now (as of 2020), Vnesheconombank has been fulfilling its obligations in