Pension for disabled people of group 2 in 2020: amounts, types, conditions of appointment, additional payments

The increase in pensions for disabled people in 2020 worries all benefit recipients in Russia. The fact is that the worsening economic crisis, rising prices for the minimum consumer basket, high utility bills, and inflation make us worry about disability benefits. Let's figure out how all this will affect cash payments. Will the size of pensions change?

What types of financial assistance are available to disabled people in 2020?

No significant changes are expected in the structure of disability subsidies for children or adults. As before, two types of material support have been established for 2020. The first is called social benefits. It applies to disabled pensioners and does not depend on length of service. Social support is directly tied to the level of the subsistence minimum (as is known, it is considered to be 10,444 for this year). Labor compensation depends on the pensioner’s length of service. There is also a state payment for the disabled population. Its size is constantly indexed.

How is the social state pension formed?

After determining the degree of health limitation and disability, the subject is awarded the appropriate monthly funding. The size of the social pension is not affected by gender or the presence of work: the amount of the subsidy is determined by the disability group.

In addition to pension accruals, a disabled citizen receives every month:

  • Cash payment;
  • Social services package;
  • Material assistance.

The cash payment is intended to partially compensate for the costs of treatment, including coursework, the purchase of special devices, rehabilitation and adaptation procedures. NSO can be monetized if the increase is more reasonable than using services in the traditional version.

If the social pension, EDV and NSU in total do not exceed the lower limit of the subsistence level, then the beneficiary may qualify for an additional subsidy:

  • Federal level - if the total amount to be paid does not exceed the Russian average;
  • Regional level - if the total accruals are below the subsistence level established in the constituent entity of the Russian Federation (Moscow and the northern regions).

Pension size depending on group

The assignment of a social pension takes into account the provisions of the Federal Law of December 15, 2001 No. 166-FZ “On State Pension Provision in the Russian Federation”. The norms of this all-Russian circular raise the volume of pension provision depending on the category assigned by the ITU.

The main subsidy amounts for 2020 are presented in the table.

Recipient categoryAmount to be paid, rub.
Disabled since childhood1 group12432,44
2 groups10360,52
Disabled children12432,44
Disabled people1 group10360,52
2 groups5180,24
3 groups4403,24

For territories with harsh climatic living conditions, a regional coefficient is provided that increases the base value.

Adjustments for EDV

Cash allowance in the form of EDV is accrued to all disabled people without exception, but the final amount when transferred depends on the category of disability and the option for receiving social services.

The last indexation took place in February of this year - the main values ​​and comparison with 2020 are shown in the table.

Recipient categoryAmount of EDV in case of refusal from the tax base, rub.Amount of EDV while maintaining NSO, rub.
Disabled people of 1st group3538,523626,982489,552551,79
Disabled people 2nd group2527,062590,241478,091515,05
Disabled people of 3 groups2022,942073,51973,97998,32
Disabled children2527,062590,241478,091515,05

The option of receiving monetary compensation (with or without monetized NSO) can be chosen no more than once a year by submitting a corresponding application to the Pension Fund before October 1.

Set of social services and refusal of them

Indexation of disability pension in 2020

The indexation of disability pensions in 2020 for disabled people of groups 1, 2 and 3 is of concern to all interested segments of the population. But big changes are not expected. Firstly, the budget in this area was approved back in 2020. It provided for annual indexation of pensions for persons with disabilities, regardless of the type established by the commission. Secondly, the previously predicted increase in fees for the presence of health restrictions by approximately 1000 is not traceable to the subsidies that have already occurred. Yes, there is an increase, but in most cases it is a smaller share than was promised.

1 group

Group 1 is assigned by doctors in case of a person’s inability to cope with basic self-care tasks and lack of internal control of behavior. Of course, such citizens cannot earn a living on their own, so their pension is noticeably larger than others in size. The fixed amount of disability pension support for representatives of type 1 is 10,668.38 Russian rubles. This is almost twice as much as financial assistance for group 2 disabled people. This year, 412 rubles were added to adults with type 1 diseases, and 495 rubles to those with childhood disabilities.

2nd group

Type 2 disability is assigned to those who are capable of self-care with little or serious assistance from outsiders, and are also capable of studying under a simplified program of correctional schools. Such people can only work in simple positions related to physical labor or similar actions. The indexation of emeritus and regular disability benefits this year also affected type 2 disabled people. The standard monthly payment amount does not exceed 5334.19. But (news reports for February) the latest increase for adult beneficiaries reached 206 and 412 for people suffering from a serious illness since childhood.

3 group

Group 3 is assigned to those who are capable of self-care without the use of aids. Such citizens with disabilities are able to work, so their pension is somewhat smaller in terms of volume. The increase in pensions for disabled children in 2020 for group 3 also did not take long to arrive. Payments to adults and children increased by 175, and the fixed average rate was 2667.09 Russian rubles. Nevertheless, data on subsequent indexation suggests that representatives of all of the above types can expect an increase of 200-300 rubles at the beginning of 2020 or at the very end of December. The exact figure will depend on the position of the state currency in the global financial market.

Supplement to pension for disabled people of group 2

It's no secret that the pension of any citizen can be formed both from individual contributions and payments from the Pension Fund, that is, federal appropriations. But if we are talking about social benefits, then regional authorities also have something to do with them. And further about what types of allowances a citizen with a 2nd group disability can receive.

Components of a disability pension of the 2nd group:

  1. The basic pension amount established at the state level. This is what was discussed earlier: either a social or labor pension can be assigned;
  2. Federal level supplement for certain categories of citizens. Such allowances are established by certain regulations for a period, for example, a year, or on an ongoing basis. For example, an allowance may be established for disabled people of the 2nd group who are participants in hostilities, or for those citizens who have reached the age of 80, etc.;
  3. Regional level allowance. Such allowances are established by representatives of regional authorities for certain citizens: for example, an allowance for disabled people in the Far North, or an allowance for teachers, etc. This is all purely individual.

New pensions for disabled children

Children with disabilities, as the least protected social class, are provided with such government support measures as:

  1. Social subsidy for disability. It is indexed once every 12 months. From mid-spring it will reach 12,730.82, while now it does not exceed 12,432.44 rubles for citizens with disabilities of group 1, for people with disabilities of type 2 it will change from 10,360.52 to 10,609.17. And for representatives of the 3rd group - from 4403.24 to 4508.92. Additional interest is also provided for residents of cool areas of the country or regions similar in geographical and natural conditions to the far north.
  2. Monthly cash payment (called EDV).
  3. Set of social services (NSS).
  4. Monthly payment for carers of a minor with disabilities in the amount of 1200 to 5500. It is intended for the biological parents or official guardians of the child. There is good news: the president has submitted for consideration a proposal to increase these payments to 10,000. The increase is expected from July of this year.

EDV size

Let’s compare how much the amounts of these preferences have changed since 2017:

Medicines 716 rub. RUR 863.75
Voucher to the sanatorium 110 rub. RUB 133.61
Directions to the sanatorium 102 rub. 124.05 rub.

These component sizes are calculated based on the provision of sanatorium treatment once a year. That is, they are spread over twelve months.

The sizes of the daily allowance for disabled people for 2020 are as follows:

Disability groupEDV per monthThe value of the EDP for in-kind receipt of a set of social services
1st RUB 3,782.94 2551,79
2nd 2701.67 rub. 1515,05
3rd 2162.51 rub. 998,32
Disabled children 2701.67 rub. 1515,05

Remember that EDV is prescribed for only one reason. If you have several benefits, you have the right to independently decide which one to receive this preference. The only exception is disabled combat veterans. Their rights are fully realized.

General calculation of disability pension

To calculate the disability insurance, a special formula has been created, expressed as P=PK/(T*K)+B. How to use it correctly?

  • P is the required totality of money due to a disabled person;
  • The letters PC code the citizen’s total capital in the Pension Fund;
  • T is the number of months until retirement age;
  • K – ratio of experience to coefficient 180;
  • B refers to the amount of basic financial assistance for disability.

The amount of standard disability support is calculated individually. Factors influencing the final figure are the presence of other dependents in the family, type of illness, type of pension accruals. Otherwise, the size of the state is calculated: GP=SP*PS. What do these encodings mean?

  • GP – abbreviation of the term state fee;
  • SP is the amount of social benefit for the disability group;
  • PS - interest rate from 100% to 300% for employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The size of the NSS is established separately, the total for this year does not exceed 1111.75 rubles. It is stated that the supplement for medications is 807.94-856 rubles, 129.99-135.45 rubles for spa procedures and 116.04 for travel on public transport. Of course, this money is not enough to fully cover expenses. But their benefits and relevance cannot be denied. It is also possible to replace NSO with actual assistance. Thus, you can count on free travel by public transport to the place of treatment (clinic, hospital or even a sanatorium outside the locality) and back. Undoubtedly, it is more profitable.

Documentation required for registration of disability

To obtain the status of a disabled person of the second group, it is officially necessary to collect a certain package of documents. It includes:

— certificate of assignment of a disability group based on the conclusion of a medical and social examination

— compulsory health insurance policy

— passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

- pensioner's ID

The list of documents can be supplemented individually at the request of social security authorities.

What are the total amounts of disability payments expected in 2020?

According to recent statistics from the Federal State Statistics Service, it has been established that the average disability subsidy for 2020 for all citizens eligible for the preferential category is 17,888. It is worth noting that the actual payments received by people with disabilities are usually lower, which makes one wonder at the statistics. But it’s hard to live even on that amount for a whole month in conditions of constant inflation and rising prices for the consumer basket. Therefore, the indexation of pensions for disabled children in 2020 is a topic that is extremely pressing in society.

But pleasant changes are also predicted. The pension point established by the Government has already begun to increase to 87.24 rubles, while at the beginning of the year it reached only 81.49. What can be said about the average general indicators of disability benefits for the 1st half of 2020?

  1. The amount of the standard subsidy for disabled people of type 1 ranges between 9965 and 10668.
  2. Representatives of 2 grams receive about 9216 per 30 days. There is every chance that the average will take a leap for the better.
  3. People with disabilities of the 3rd type receive approximately 8,713 monthly from the state. This information will change after valorization, but final general statistics will be available only after Rosstat publishes verified data for recent times.

State support for disabled people - structure

The Federal Law “On Social Protection of Disabled Persons in the Russian Federation” dated November 24, 1995 No. 181-FZ specifies all the benefits available to citizens with health limitations. In general, they can be divided into groups according to which disability benefits are paid: pension, social services, social security, and allowance for caring for a disabled person.

In addition, people with disabilities are supported with additional preferences, namely: benefits for paying for housing and communal services, discounts on public transport, provision of apartments and land plots (subject to conditions), benefits for admission to educational institutions, etc.

Latest news on increasing pensions for disabled people in 2020

Indexation of pensions for disabled people in 2020 is considered a popular topic in economic publications. Although there has been no important news lately. The state has long ago announced its plans to reorganize payments upon reaching retirement age. But there are several news items not mentioned in previous paragraphs. Firstly, the state plans to make one-time payments to disabled children of all categories in the amount of 5,000. Secondly, it is planned to valorize the NSO by 4.3%, which is good news for those who find it more convenient to receive the cash equivalent of social services. Thirdly, on February 20 of this year, the president addressed the Federal Assembly with an initiative to revise the principle of improving social support measures. This will lead to an increase in fees for persons with disabilities by approximately 2.4%.


Often people with disabilities cannot independently meet the needs necessary for life. Therefore, caring for such loved ones falls on the shoulders of relatives. Often this means leaving your job and focusing on helping someone in need. In order to somehow compensate for the loss of funds, current legal acts provide compensation. It can be issued upon reaching the age of fourteen. In relation to the disability group in question, payment can only be received if the following conditions are met:

  • the ward reaches eighty years of age;
  • the actual need of the elderly for regular care.

Important! The amount of the subsidy is 1200 rubles, and for parents (guardians) - 5.5 thousand rubles.

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