Pensions for military pensioners in 2020 latest news: will government promises be fulfilled

Today's world is so unpredictable that many citizens of our country are seriously concerned about what the future may hold for them. And this is not without reason, because for many segments of the population, government assistance is vital in order to simply survive. For example, military pensioners who have experienced first-hand what an economic crisis is like in the country: prices rise along with payments for utilities, and pensions clearly do not keep up with inflation, which directly affects the standard of living of the most vulnerable segments of the population.

About pensions of military pensioners

In our country, a huge amount of money is spent annually on providing security forces, and, despite the fact that the pensions of military pensioners are slightly higher than the pensions of other public sector employees: doctors, teachers, educators, the level of these pensions is still insufficient. If the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation of May 7, 2012 had been implemented, then annually the level of payments to military pensioners would have to increase by the amount of inflation + 2%. Thus, it was hoped to reach the level of the usual salary of a military personnel. But in practice, fulfilling this promise turned out to be much more difficult than in words.


The euphoria from the “active” actions of Vladimir Shamanov and the State Duma Defense Committee headed by him has ended. On December 7, after consideration of the 2020 budget, bill No. 15473-7, directly related to the indexation of military pensions in 2020, was adopted in the second and third readings.


“On suspension of the second part of Article 43 of the Law of the Russian Federation “On pension provision for persons who served in military service, service in internal affairs bodies, the State Fire Service, authorities for control of the circulation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, institutions and bodies of the penal system, Federal Service of the National Guard Troops of the Russian Federation, and their families" in connection with the Federal Law "On the Federal Budget for 2020 and for the planning period of 2020 and 2020"

Article 1

  1. Suspend until January 1, 2020 the effect of part two of Article 43 of the Law of the Russian Federation of February 12, 1993 No. 4468-I “On pensions for persons who served in military service, service in internal affairs bodies, the State Fire Service, drug control agencies and psychotropic substances, institutions and bodies of the penal system, the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, and their families" (Vedomosti of the Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation and the Supreme Council of the Russian Federation, 1993, No. 9, Art. 328; Collection of Legislation of the Russian Federation , 1995, No. 49, Art. 4693; 1998, No. 30, Art. 3613; 2002, No. 27, Art. 2620; No. 30, Art. 3033; 2003, No. 27, Art. 2700; 2007, No. 49, Art. 6072; 2011, No. 46, Art. 6407; 2020, No. 27, Art. 4160).
  2. Establish that the amount of monetary allowance taken into account when calculating pensions in accordance with Article 43 of the Law of the Russian Federation of February 12, 1993 No. 4468-I “On pension provision for persons who served in military service, service in internal affairs bodies, the State Fire Service, law enforcement agencies control over the circulation of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances, institutions and bodies of the penal system, the Federal Service of the National Guard of the Russian Federation, and their families”, from February 1, 2020, amounts to 72.23 percent of the specified monetary allowance.

Article 2

This Federal Law comes into force on January 1, 2020.
The president

Russian Federation V. Putin

Taking into account that the indexation of military pay has been canceled for another year (until January 1, 2020, that is, for the 5th year in a row), the indexation of military pensions by at least 2 percent has also been canceled since January 1, 2020.

Also, the May Decree of the President of the Russian Federation No. 604 (dated May 7, 2012) on the annual increase in military pensions by 2 percent above the inflation rate is not being silently implemented. Inflation planned by the government for 2020 in the budget of 4%, in accordance with this Decree, should have led to an increase in military pensions by at least 6%. But from February 1, 2020, military pensions will be indexed by only 4% (72.23/69.45=1.04). And no further indexation of military pensions is provided for in 2017.

At the beginning of 2020, all pensioners, both military and civilian, will be paid 5 thousand rubles as consolation compensation for the lack of a second indexation of pensions in 2020.

Civil pensions are also planned to be indexed from February 1, 2017, but more than military pensions, that is, in accordance with the 2020 inflation rate (approximately 5.5 percent).

Tighten your seat belts, dear military retirees. You already live well. And all your past achievements, when you risked your health and life, steadfastly endured the difficulties and deprivations of military service, huddled in strange corners, are in the past. The state is trying to forget about them. It’s not easy to forget, but every year, without hesitation, he lowers the standard of living of military pensioners lower and lower and cancels the indexation of pay and military pensions required by law.

PS This situation was already observed in the early 2000s and ended with a massive transition of military pensioners to civilian pensions. But today, while average military pensions exceed civilian ones by more than one and a half times, those at the top apparently believe that nothing terrible is happening and military pensioners can once again (many, many times!) be patient and wait until oil reaches $100 per barrel or as a result of some miracle, the Russian economy will not work and its growth rate will be at least 5-7 percent per year.

Will there be an increase in military pensions in 2020?

Based on official information, in particular on the statements of Deputy Minister of Finance L. Gornin regarding military pensions, we can answer the question in the affirmative regarding the increase in pensions for military pensioners in 2020. But at the same time, this increase should rather be called indexation, since military pensions will be increased from February 1, 2020 by only 4%, which approximately corresponds to the inflation rate for the next 2017. Also, according to the Deputy Minister of Finance, after this “increase” the average level of pensions for military pensioners throughout the country will be almost 24.5 thousand rubles.

Features of pension indexation for 2020

The latest news about increasing pensions for military pensioners in 2020 is confirmed by the country's Pension Fund.
But what will happen with indexing is still open to discussion. It is not yet clear what inflation the index will record. This value will be known only in the second half of the current period. The previous inflation rate reached a very high level. But indexation was fixed at 5.5%. The situation will not be better for the entire period the crisis situation continues. No progress in a favorable direction is expected for next year. The lack of surpluses in the state account leads to the continuation of a critical situation with tightened belts and closed wallets. In general, of all evils, it is worth choosing the lesser. This indicator will be the absence of high inflation, which entails a tendency for prices to rise for food products and services. For the rest, you will have to calculate according to your own capabilities and needs. In American videos, the ladies always look too perfect, so for those who like to watch more realistic sex between partners, real porn has been created, where very relaxed Russian mothers please their gentlemen as if they were right in front of you. The porn of Russian mommies is very believable and when they are fucked in all holes, you can see it from incredibly cool angles. However, the good news was the launch of the Effective Army program. As a result, raising several billions in the treasury is a good start. With such a deposit, you can count on the best news for the military and their families about the increase in pensions for military personnel in 2020 in Russia. Interestingly, in 2020 the planned increase in spending was 7.8%, which equates to a total of 3.23 trillion rubles. Next year they will add 4% from 2020 and receive 3.36 trillion. rubles

Other prospects for retired military

Military pensioners are provided with financial privileges for:

  • Compensation for land taxes;
  • Free travel;
  • 75% for a trip to a sanatorium;
  • Transport tax compensation.

Not only the military itself, but also family members can take advantage of the list of benefits. For this purpose, a system for recording the length of military service is provided. So, a lot of controversy about the actual increase in the pensions of military pensioners in 2020 will continue until the onset of this period. For now, we can rely on the assumptions of experts. They know the pre-calculated position with a 2% increase. This is a very realistic figure, feasible for the Russian state budget. It is worth reminding everyone that when calculating employee pensions, a reduction factor is used, which is unique to the military. It is also worth mentally preparing for an increase in the retirement age by 5 years in the future. But it is possible for the government to help people live better in retirement. It’s worth sacrificing the reduction factor, indexing it a couple of percent higher than the inflation rate; length of service should be taken into account honestly, just like length of service.

One-time payment 2017

As for the one-time payment in 2020 in the amount of 5,000 rubles, as you know, it was not initially planned to pay it to military pensioners, but after the President of the Russian Federation intervened in this issue, it was decided to assign this one-time payment to all categories of military pensioners. Thus, in January 2020, all military pensioners, without exception, will have to receive 5 thousand. rubles lump sum payment.

Next year it is planned to index civil pensions by 6.3%.

This was stated by V. Putin at a meeting with members of the Federation Council on September 23, 2020. Unfortunately, the draft budget for 2021 plans to index military personnel's pay and, accordingly, military pensions by only 4%. Nothing is clear yet about the increase in the reduction coefficient in 2021; there is no such clause in the draft budget. The State Duma Committee on Defense annually “fights” for the inclusion of a reduction factor in the budget or an increase in its size beyond 2%, but is always unsuccessful. Practice shows that without the personal instructions of the President, the State Duma Defense Committee will again lose this “battle.”

Today, September 30, 2020, the Government of the Russian Federation delivered a draft state budget for the next year and for the upcoming three-year planning period to the State Duma. Discussion of the presented budget will begin tomorrow.

I would like to believe that next year the situation with the indexation of military pensions will be better than in 2020. We will closely follow on the website the discussion in the State Duma of the state budget for 2021 on all issues of interest to military pensioners.


How do Russian military pensioners live?

The general standard of living of military pensioners in Russia certainly leaves room for improvement. And the fact that military pensioners will be able to receive only a 4% increase in pension in 2017 will make few people happy. However, it is worth remembering that military personnel in our country retire after 20 years of work, that is, many security forces become pensioners by the age of forty. And after retirement, they continue their active work, while receiving pension benefits along with their salary. Those who conduct such activities will slightly feel a decrease in their level of income. Other pensioners, of course, can only hope for the best.

Also see: latest news regarding raising the retirement age in 2020 in the Russian Federation.

What do you know about indexing?

In fact, the latest news about the indexation of military pensions in 2017 does not give much reason for joy, because the authorities have still not decided on the size of the inflation index and it will not be possible to do it before the second half of 2020. Last year, inflation was very high, but indexation, on the contrary, was extremely low (5.5% despite the fact that the inflation rate was twice as high), because the state budget did not have enough funds to carry out this event, and the authorities promised to This situation will not be repeated next year. However, the crisis is not yet completely over, there is still little money in the state treasury, so there is no good news to be expected from this area. We can only hope that inflation will not be too high and prices for food products and services will remain at the same level.

In general, increasing pensions for military personnel in 2020 in Russia remains a fairly discussed and important issue, but there is no final decision on it yet. Of course, retired pensioners have a reason to hope for a positive decision, because relatively recently the Ministry of Defense launched the “Effective Army” program, with the help of which all movements of funds are now controlled in this government structure. In the first year of its existence alone, the program made it possible to increase the “army” treasury by several billion rubles, and this was only the beginning, so in the near future, retired military personnel, in fact, like other military personnel, will have a lot of good news.

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